Don’t let your water heater eat itself alive!

It’s sounds scary, but it’s true. the minerals and deposits in your water can actually corrode and eat away at your water heater from the inside out.

But your water heater has an ally. It’s the sacrificial anode.Knoxville Water Heater

What in the world is an anode? The sacrificial anode is a metal rod, usually magnesium or aluminum, which helps prevent corrosion of your water heater tank. The minerals in the water eat away at the anode instead of the inside of your tank, but once the anode is gone, the tank itself begins to corrode.

That’s why id may be a good time to replace your water heaters anode before your water heater starts to eat itself alive! in other words, if you called regularly for an inspection of your anode, chances are you’d add years to your water heater’s life!

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