Knoxville Plumbing External Pipes

Although plumbing pipes are an essential part of the home plumbing system, often these pipes can detract from the decorative design of a room. Plumbing pipes do not always have a decorative appeal and do not fit in with the interior design of Knoxville Plumbing External Pipesa room. Some are often considered an eye sore. Fortunately there are things you can do to make plumbing pipes fit in with your homes interior design.

The following is a list of tips on how to decoratively integrate plumbing pipes with your interior design:

1. If you are planning to modernize your room, check to see how old your pipes are as you may be able to upgrade with more modern pipes. They will not only look more appealing but they will help ensure your plumbing system stays in good working order.

2. Many homes will have exposed plumbing pipes that run down the exterior walls. They can be a real eyesore, especially if the rest of the room is very well designed. There are things you can do to make these pipes more attractive and fit the design of the room. For instance, consider adding a fresh coat of paint with a color that blends well with the room. Also, you can wrap artificial green around the pipes and extend them all the way up the pipe. You can even wrap a pretty ribbon around the pipes. If you want to cover the pipes, you can hang a decorative curtain or place a ceiling to floor furniture piece such as a shelving cabinet in front of the pipes. You could even get a cabinet that allows you to have the pipes placed inside so that you can install the cabinet right up against the wall.

3. Some homes will have exposed pipes under the sink. You can hide these pipes by installing a cabinet under the sink and the pipes will be inside when you open the cabinet. There are many stylish sink cabinets on the market that can really add style to a room. You can also store items in the cabinets. If you build a cabinet or decorative box around the pipes, you can paint and decorate the cabinet to reflect the decor of the room.

4. Pipes that run across the ceiling can be a distraction. You can paint them to match the ceiling or you can lower the ceiling so that the pipes will be covered. It is not that difficult of a job. You can use stylish material for the ceiling or paint it a colour that will add style to a room.

Exposed plumbing pipes or drains can often make a room less appealing. However, there are many things that you can do to cover the pipes or fashionably integrate hem with the rest of the room. If you are planning on upgrading pipes or making a change that requires working with the pipes, you should call in a professional plumber to do the job as the plumbing system is such a vital part of the home and you do not want to damage them which can result in a big mess and an expensive repair bill.

~April 26th, 2011  Adriana Noton