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Are you tired of cleaning or replacing that disgusting shower curtain liner every few months?  If you havn’t done this lately, or havn’t thought about it lately, you probably should take a look at it and see for yourself just how mildewy and moldy it is. A new shower door would be much easier to maintain and clean.
Shower Doors
A new shower door would also help save your floor.  With a shower curtain and liner, it is almost impossible to keep all of the water inside of the shower.  This results in water escaping out of the corners and running down the side.  Over time, the water will slowly start to wreak havoc on your floor, no matter what type you have.  It will also make your wall and trim damp and mushy and eventually ruin it.  Once again, go ahead, take a look.  This will also lead to more mold and mildew.
A shower door, when properly installed, will keep the water in the shower, where it belongs.  This will keep your bathroom in better shape, and help you to avoid a dangerous fall.Most shower stalls do not have an overhead dome light.  This makes for a very dark and gloomy feel.  A shower door will allow much more light to enter, and make for a better, more refreshing shower.

Shower doors come in a wide variety of styles, colors and glass types (yes, you can even choose your glass!).  If you are updating,  a shower door would be the perfect compliment to a new paint job and new fixtures!

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