Knoxville Hot Water Heater

Repair or Replace Water Heater?

Knoxville Hot Water HeaterYou had a great night’s sleep and you are looking forward to jumping in a hot shower to help you wake up and start your day. You think to yourself, there’s nothing like a hot shower to warm you up. You turn the water on and let it run for a few minutes while you stand at the sink brushing your teeth. You walk over to the shower and get in. YIKES!! Did you accidentally walk into a freezer? You jump back out wondering what happened to the hot water.

Immediately, you get your robe and begin to make the trek downstairs so you can check the pilot light. You want to ensure the temperature setting has not been changed on your water heater. Right now all you can think of is getting to the bottom of this. 

Once you check out the hot water heater, you don’t see anything wrong. What does that mean? You skip the shower and contemplate your next move as you prepare to go to work. Since you can’t figure out what is wrong, do you research and call a repair company or do you purchase a new one hoping that solves the problem.

Factors to Consider regarding a Hot Water Heater:

  • If it is new and haven’t previously had any issues your first thought may be to repair it. 
  • If it is an older model and you’ve thought about buying a new one, now may be the time.
  • If you have been repeatedly having problems as of late, you could be in the market for a newer model.
  • You may want to do your research and consider going tankless.

Contacting a Knoxville hot water heater service technician is where you want to go for information and guidance on your heater. His level of expertise qualifies him to examine and detect problems with the heater you have. This technician should be able to explain your options as to whether you should repair it or replace it.

Bringing an expert on the scene, he will explain the problem, the way to resolve and tell you what you can expect in cost. This person can tell you the pros and cons of a gas and/or an electric model as well as the different brands. He can make a recommendation as to what will be best for your situation.

If after everything he tells you, you want to go new, a Knoxville hot water service technician can install it.