Knoxville Plumbers want to end Water Poverty

You do not have to be willing to fly off to another country, or donate hoards of money, to be an advocate for helping to supply less fortunate people with clean drinking water in their villages and neighborhoods. Want to understand why this is such a worthy cause?

  • Every 20 seconds a child dies from water related illnesses
  • The number of people who lack clean drinking water is equal to more than three times the United States population
  • Over three and a half million people die each year from water related illnesses. This is more than the population of Los Angeles.
  • Nearly one billion people lack access to clean water

Statistics like this make even the youngest of citizens want to help. There is no reason why they shouldn’t be able to. There are many ways to help that cost absolutely no money, little time, and can be beneficial to you and your family.

Knoxville Plumbers want to end Water PovertyHow to Help for Zero Cost

Since not everyone has the capital or time to donate to such a worthy cause, many sites have cropped up that allow their users to do tasks that will help earn a form of credits that can be used to purchase water for those who do not have it.

  • A site called FreePoverty allows users to log on once per day, select an advertisement to view, and by doing so, earn seven days of clean water for an individual or community in need. This could also be a great project to begin in your children’s home room class at school. If one classroom of thirty children logged in each day, that would provide 210 days of clean drinking water to a community who desperately needs your help to survive.
  • Head to and open an account. You may be surprised what a great petition can accomplish. Well, you will definitely be surprised. If you spend just ten minutes per day signing petitions you can agree with, everything from stopping animal cruelty in any country around the globe, to helping to prevent child abuse, there is a petition available on Care2 that will compel you to click your Sign Petition button. Every time you do, you earn Butterfly Rewards that can be spent on a variety of causes, including a day of safe drinking water for a child by providing a family with a safe water product to help treat the water in their home.
  • Use your social networks. Once you are signed up to the Care2 site, make sure you share those petitions with others, and share with them your desire to provide safe water to families in need. You may be surprised how many of your friends and followers will get on board with your cause as well.

Last but certainly not least, practice water conservation, keep trash out of our bodies of water and follow other green living suggestions to help reduce your own water footprint on our earth’s resources.

Knoxville Plumbers supports this concept. Knoxville Plumbing cares about more then just the pipes!