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Plumbing Tips to Prevent Your Next Plumbing Leak (Part 2)

More Plumbing Tips to Prevent Your Next Plumbing Leak in Knoxville Can’t get enough of our practical tips to prevent your next plumbing leak in Knoxville? If not, then you are in luck! We have a few more tips that you can start implementing today (or in your very near future) to prevent extra costs […]

Looking for Knoxville Drain Cleaning

Looking for Knoxville Drain Cleaning  How many times have you washed your hair in the shower? Or even the kids’ hair? You think nothing of it because it is the norm in your home that is where everyone washes their hair. Three months later it happens. There you are showering and washing your hair. As […]

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Prevent Freezing Pipes in Your Home

Prevent Freezing Pipes in Your Home By taking preventive measures before cold weather arrives, you can prevent freezing pipes and the costly damage that goes with them. Where the trouble lies Some pipes are more prone to freezing than others because of their location in the home. Pipes most at risk for freezing include: Exposed pipes […]


Bathroom Remodeling Classes: Are They Worth the Money?

Are you interested in having your bathroom undergo remodeling?  Better yet, are you interested in doing that remodeling yourself?  If you are, do you have any prior bathroom remodeling or home improvement experience? Although it is possible to successfully complete a bathroom remodeling project without any prior experience, you may find it a little bit […]

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Interesting Research on Plumbing – What You Didn’t Know

Why You Cannot Do Without Plumbing Services Plumbing services can take care of a lot of problems. The issues that can be solved by plumbing includes clogged sinks and toilets as well as pipe bursts and its effects are not limited to residential areas but it can also be a problem for business establishments. These […]

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We only use the BEST Natural Drain Cleaner! (BioSmart Drain Maid)

Let’s face it: drains play a crucial role in a fully functional home.  One clogged or slow running drain’s inconvenience can add up to hours of frustration and expense trying to home remedy it.  And if you have to call a professional for assistance, it can also be quite costly. You need the BEST Natural […]

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BioSmart Drain Maid: Buy an Environmentally Friendly Drain Maintenance Product

BioSmart Drain Maid no clogs…just clean…Guaranteed! Now you can clean your drains without hazardous chemicals! Liquid BioSmart is so powerful, it’s patented. BioSmart liquid formulation has met the EPA’s DfE challenge for biological drain line and septic system products by demonstrating a more positive human health and environmental profile. What is BioSmart Drain Maid? BioSmart, […]

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Plumbing Snaking vs. Hydro Jetting

Plumbing Snaking vs. Hydro Jetting Plumbers traditionally used plumbing snakes to help take care of clogs in toilets and drains. For tough jobs, however, professionals may resort to hydro jetting, which uses a powerful stream of water to push debris through a line. Plumbing snakes, or augers, are available at home improvement stores for personal […]

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Do You Need Your Drains Pressure Cleaned?

Over time, debris build-up forms on the inside of pipes. In many cases grease, sand, scale, paper and other sediments form a concrete-like coating on the walls of your pipes that seems impossible to clear. Traditional methods to clear line stoppages include the use of a wire cable, known as a snake or auger. This […]

Never scramble for the soap again!

Never scramble for the soap again! Keep it within arm’s reach all the time with one of these handy helpers. Have you done this water dance before? It’s the one where you’re trying to wash your hands. You get your hands all wet and reach for the soap only to realize it’s missing in action. […]

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Don’t let your water heater eat itself alive!

Don’t let your water heater eat itself alive! It’s sounds scary, but it’s true. the minerals and deposits in your water can actually corrode and eat away at your water heater from the inside out. But your water heater has an ally. It’s the sacrificial anode. What in the world is an anode? The sacrificial […]

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Clogged Drain? Call a plumber. (Knoxville Plumbing)

Drain clogs are no fun. They are wasteful, unsanitary, and inconvenient. Understandably many homeowners are convinced that clogged drains can be fixed in a do-it-yourself fashion. Wrong! Call a plumber to save money, save your pipes, and save your sanity. Do Liquid Plumbing Solutions Work? Yes, but only as quick fixes. Liquid plumbing solutions cause […]

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Tankless Water Heater Venting

Tankless Water Heater Venting The selection of a tankless water heater is one of the most important decisions a homeowner makes to decrease utility expenses and lower energy consumption. Once selected, the venting of a gas tankless water heater will be the most important decision a tankless water heater installer makes when fitting a home […]

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How Plumbers in Knoxville Can Help You

Can you imagine life without plumbers in Knoxville? Can you imagine life without good water supply, working water heaters or even unclogged drainage systems? Perhaps, it would be all too inconvenient and uncomfortable, but give thanks to Knoxville water and drainage service providers because they take the load off our shoulders. Water Line Installation, Supply […]

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Knoxville frozen pipes, burst repair prevention

What to do if your pipe’s Freeze: If you have frozen pipes, before thawing, you are going to have to take some precautions. First… turn off the water supply. Second…call a professional plumber, to assess the situation and determine the extent of the damage. The plumber will be able to determine the cause of the […]

Food Crisis Alert

Food Crisis Alert Dear Fellow Patriot, You may not know this, but… FEMA has ordered 420 million survival meals. Why would they need a 7000% increase of survival meals? >>>Click here to learn the 37 vital food items FEMA is probably ignoring… <<< We all know the world is in bad shape right now. Maybe […]

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Four Going Green Plumbing Trends

Four Going Green Plumbing Trends Today hot topics are all about the conservation of our natural resources, including water.  Many people are incorporating green features in their new home design from the kitchen to the yard and the bathroom. Here are four Going Green plumbing trends that you should consider installing in your home: Lead-Free […]

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Do’s and Don’ts of Home Plumbing

Sometimes, internet searches and your wrench are not your friend. Although Google may make you feel as though you are a professional plumber at heart, it can often lead to expensive repairs when you have to call us in. We want to help. Here are some do’s and don’ts of home plumbing to help get […]

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Prep Your Plumbing for Winter

It’s that time of the year again – Jack Frost is moving into Knoxville, but is your home ready? Prepare your plumbing for the cold weather before a frozen pipe or plumbing emergency ruins your holidays. Winter weather requires a different kind of plumbing maintenance. It’s important to create a plumbing checklist to make sure […]

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3 Tips to Prevent Plumbing Problems During Fall

Fall has arrived in the northern hemisphere, and in Knoxville that means a profusion of glorious colors as the leaves turn from green to red and gold. What’s slightly less intriguing for the homeowner, however, is the problems caused by those leaves when they drop into the drainage system. The backup they cause in the […]

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3 Reasons Why Expensive Plumbers Are a Good Sign

Plumbers are known for charging a lot. They seem to show up, fiddle around for ten minutes, and then charge a bomb. No wonder people try DIY, even with the risk of making everything worse. They go through tough DIY instead of considering these 3 reasons why expensive plumbers are actually a good sign. A […]

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10 Things People Do that Ruin Their Plumbing

  10 Things People Do that Ruin Their Plumbing   Here are a few of the ways to ensure that we, plumbers, never run out of work:   1: Leaving hoses connected during winter. This is a classic plumbing error that one must assume is caused most often by extreme laziness. Unlike holiday lights, hoses […]

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History Of Plumbing

Plumbing comes from the Latin word for lead, which is ‘plumbum’. Plumbing by definition is a utility that we use in our buildings consisting of: the pipes and fixtures for the distribution of water or gas, and for the disposal of sewage. The word sewer comes from the French word ‘essouier’, meaning “to drain”. The […]

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Want to Make Your Bathroom “Green?”

Family bathrooms present multiple opportunities to conserve water, use less energy and save money. From simple strategies like adding an aerator to the vanity sink faucet to whole-home solutions such as adding a solar hot water system, eco-friendly strategies in the bathroom can help preserve the planet’s precious resources without sacrificing comfort and convenience. Here […]

Pressure Assisted Toilets aka Exploding Toilets

Every now and then we are asked about installing a pressure-assisted toilet.  After explaining the benefits of a pressure assisted flush, we explain to the customer what we used to think was the ONLY downside, which was the noise.  A pressure-assisted toilet will flush AND sound like a commercial toilet you will find when you […]

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High Water Bill? (Water Conservation Ideas)

Aside from a home’s plumbing, there are multiple areas around a dwelling that can also be responsible for water waste such as washing machines. Instead of washing partial loads of laundry and dishes, make it a point to only use clothes washers and dishwashers when they are full. This can save thousands of gallons of water […]

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How To Properly And Easily Maintain Your Pool

After your pool has been completed, you have to decide on the best way to maintain it so that stays clean, safe, and fun for everyone to enjoy. The easiest way to maintain your pool is to hire a reliable pool maintenance professional to do most of the maintaining for you. Ask your friends, neighbors, […]

Build a Tiny House You Can Afford And Be Proud Of!

Building a tiny house by yourself can be intimidating, especially if you have limited construction knowledge. But imagine if instead of doing it alone, you were part of a community of people with different levels of knowledge and experience working in tandem toward the common goal of building and living in a tiny house. In […]

Want to Make a Home Made Shed?

As a woodworking enthusiast, you see better than most the value of a beautifully crafted piece of workmanship. You’ll be glad to know that MyShedPlans offers the most complete home project resource you can buy on the Internet. It provides expert advice with step-by-step techniques, photos and diagrams to make every project easy to tackle It is bursting with plans […]

Choosing the Right Toilet for You

Have you noticed that toilets don’t seem to flush as well as the used to? In the past, you could flush nearly anything down your toilet and it would take it. Sure, this practice may not have been good for your septic system if you had one and the city probably wasn’t too happy about […]

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How to Turn your Gas off in an Emergency

How to Locate Your Main Gas Service Shutoff Valve Knowing the location of your main gas service shutoff valve will help you turn off the gas supply to your entire facility quickly in case of an emergency. The location of the valve can vary depending on the type of building and when it was installed: […]

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DIY Plumbing Not Covered by Insurance

A plumbing failure due to a construction or workmanship deficit is one that will not be covered by a general homeowners insurance policy.  There are workmanship exclusions included in the fine print of a homeowner’s insurance policy that exclude work done by either a contractor or a homeowner. This is why licensed plumbers carry a […]

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Plumbing Tips for Summer

We love summer here at Knoxville Plumbing but this time of year can put a strain on your plumbing system and your utility bill. Some of our highly trained and licensed plumbers have offered a few helpful tips to conserve water and save money this summer. 1. Make sure the temperature on your water heater […]

Using Video Listings To Sell Your House

Marketing residences and houses within the last few years has actually been diminishing, even so, you can nonetheless be a profitable real estate professional. One particular strategy that numerous individuals are overlooking is going to be effectiveness of marketing with video. You should utilize online video to promote ones self, your company, as well as […]

Selling Houses Faster With Social Media and Video

Advertising homes and apartments within the last few years has long been declining, even so, you may still be a profitable realtor. One technique a growing number of businesses are overlooking is most likely the ability of video marketing. You should use video clips to market oneself, your business interest, and also your real estate […]

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What is the foul odor coming out of my kitchen and bathroom?

Foul odor from the kitchen and the bathroom can be very disgusting, especially if you have guests coming over. There is always a negative connotation about the smell and guests might think that you have unhygienic practices in your home. If you are one of the homeowners bothered with the problem, Knoxville Plumbing can provide […]

How to clean that shower head

Use this ”explosive“ homemade cleaner to blast away all of those hard water deposits that are blocking your showerhead: Here’s an easy DIY recipe: -1/3 cup baking soda -1 cup white vinegar -1 plastic bag -1 large bag twisty tie 1. Mix baking soda and vinegar in bag over a sink. Caution: Pour vinegar into […]

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Selling Your Home? Plumbing Improvement Ideas

Selling your home can be a challenge. You want it to shine for prospective buyers but making serious improvements is generally expensive; this includes improvements to your plumbing. Here’s a quick outline of plumbing improvements at each monetary strata. Selling your Home: Quick Plumbing Improvements Want an easy eye-popping investment that isn’t too hard on […]

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Tank vs. Tankless (Water Heaters)

Tank vs. Tankless (Water Heaters) Conventional storage tank water heaters have been used in commercial and residential applications since the early twentieth century. While most household electronics have taken great strides in terms of new technology and efficiency, the traditional tank water heater has not. Most consumers do not need a lesson in the inefficiencies […]

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Winterize Your Vacation Home

You may have another home, a vacation home or getaway, that you need to winterize. This will take a few more steps. Drain supply pipes – Because they are under pressure, supply pipes are the most likely to freeze. First, turn off your main water supply. Turn on a faucet at the highest location in […]

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Winter’s approaching – check your plumbing!

As the leaves start to change color in many regions of America, and temperatures slowly dropping, it may be time to think about your plumbing. Live in an area that reaches freezing temperatures during the winter puts your plumbing at risk for freezing pipes and crystallized water. Here are some easy tips that can greatly […]

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How to Clean a Garbage Disposal

How to Clean a Garbage Disposal Cleaning your garbage disposal is a quick and easy way to help keep your kitchen smelling fresh and your sink drain working properly. Although well-maintained garbage disposals that are used correctly should generally clean themselves, the following tips will help keep your garbage disposal in tip-top shape. 1. Cleaning […]

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Calling A Plumber Is Cheaper Than The Damage Caused By Trying To Fix The Problem Made Simple

Trying to fix a plumbing problem no matter whether it is big or small, you will find that calling a Knoxville Plumber is cheaper than the damage caused by trying to fix the problem yourself. Nine times out of ten you are probably going to find out that it was not worth trying to do the […]

Kitchen Sinks

Selecting the right type of sink for your kitchen is very important to meet your daily and basic functional requirements and also to save your time, energy and effort. If your sink is not arranged in a proper way, it can turn out to be quite irritating and frustrating. Also, finishing your daily chores will […]