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A clogged toilet can be an unsightly (and often smelly) mess. Unfortunately, most of the time, it is the users who are responsible for clogging toilets. This stems from a tendency to use a toilet like a garbage bin, where just about anything can go! A Knoxville Plumbing service will be needed to fix the problem so your bathroom becomes usable again!Knoxville Plumber

It is important to remember that many things that don’t come under the ‘human waste’ category can pose problems when flushed down irresponsibly. For starters, you’ll be wasting water to flush these down, and secondly, some of the flushed items can end up in local water bodies and gum up the sewer systems. So what is it that you shouldn’t be flushing down the toilet? Here’s a look:

  1. Solvents, paints and medication: All these contribute to greasy sewer pipes, resulting in unpleasant and expensive cleanups, and greater maintenance hassles for the local sewer departments.
  2. Sanitary napkins – Attention all ladies, these should go into the bin; they can be used for compost!
  3. Cigarette butts – Chemical-rich cigarette butts are best reserved for the trashcan.
  4. Diapers – The landfill is a better place to dispose off diapers, dirty or otherwise
  5. Condoms – While it is a common belief that condoms biodegrade, it is advisable not to flush them down the toilet
  6. Cotton swabs – Use cardboard cotton swaps for compost while chemical-induced ones belong in landfills.
  7. Floss – Can gum up sewers, the landfill is the best destination for floss
  8. Anti-freeze and transmission fluids
  9. Hair – This is meant for the compost bin; you can also consider reusing hair (wigs, as pillow stuffing)
  10. Coffee grinds and egg shells

If you accidentally dispose of any of these items in your toilet and find your New York City home clogged, let Vigilante be the first on your speed dial!  Vigilante can fix any of your plumbing needs.

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