Knoxville Plumbing Frozen Pipe

As the leaves start to change color in many regions of America, and temperatures slowly dropping, it may be time to think about your plumbing. Live in an area that reaches freezing temperatures during the winter puts your plumbing at risk for freezing pipes and crystallized water. Here are some easy tips that can greatly lower the chance of plumbing problems during those cold winter days.

Knoxville Plumbing Frozen PipeInsulate your exposed pipes! These include your garage or basement. A layer of insulation, either by pipe insulation, rags, or newspaper, will provide protection for those unprotected pipes.

If you know that a hard freeze is in the near future, leave your faucets trickling! It may sound a bit wasteful, but it makes all the difference. Doing this helps to halt any water in your pipes from freezing and clogging with icy blocks.

Keep the cabinet doors under your sink open! This allows the warmth of your home to flow around the pipes, keeping them from freezing.

Uphold maintenance to your water heater! Water heaters work harder than normal during the winter, providing you with warm water. Without proper upkeep, they can develop buildups that lead to corrosion. Definitely not optimum during the cold months.

Keep outdoor water faucets off and disconnected! Since these are obviously outside, they are more susceptible to the frost. Keeping water from flowing through them will keep them from freezing over, and wrapping rags around them can add extra protection.

Make an appointment with your plumber! Inspecting your pipes for leaks before the cold sets in can dramatically reduce or even prevent later damage. Take care of imperfections now and avoid spending hundreds of dollars later in plumbing replacement come spring when the pipes are thawed.
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