Winterize Your Vacation Home

You may have another home, a vacation home or getaway, that you need to winterize. This will take a few more steps.Winterize Your Vacation Home

  • Drain supply pipes – Because they are under pressure, supply pipes are the most likely to freeze. First, turn off your main water supply. Turn on a faucet at the highest location in the house and open a valve in the lowest part of the house, usually on the hot water tank. Drain into a bucket. Give it an hour or so to ensure drainage.
  • Hard to reach places – Take these extra steps for further security. Turn all faucets to `on’ position. Flush the toilet, hold lever down until the bowl is entirely drained. Empty the supply line to the washer and washing machine. Inspect your home for traps and standing water.
  • Inspect for water sources – Take some time to look around your property for other sources of water and take appropriate steps.

These simple procedures should be of great help when winterizing your home. In the event of an emergency, Knoxville Plumbing stands ready. And of course, if you have any questions about winterizing your home, give us a call. We love talking about this stuff.