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Don’t Let a Pressure-Packed Water Heater Put Your Home at Risk!

You rely on your water heater to supply your home with warm water to take a shower, wash your hands, and clean your dishes. Over time, your water heater takes a beating, and the pressure inside it can build up as it continually heats your water.

Knoxville Water Heater Dangers:

When that happens, things can get dangerous.Knoxville Water Heater

If too much pressure builds up in your water heater, you may have no way of knowing until its too late. As the pressure builds, your water heater could actually explode, putting your family and home at risk!

To remove that pressure when it builds up, water heaters have a Temperature and Pressure Release valve. The problem is that your T&P valve should be checked regularly to ensure it’s working properly for the time when you actually need it.

Now is a great time to install a new T&P valve to protect your home from the threat of a pressure-packed water heater.


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