How to Locate Your Main Gas Service Shutoff Valve

Knowing the location of your main gas service shutoff valve will help you turn off the gas supply to your entire facility quickly in case of an emergency.

The location of the valve can vary depending on the type of building and when it was installed:

  • The gas meter and gas service shutoff valve is usually located on the side or in front of the building. If the building has a breezeway, it could be located there.
Gas Shutoff ValveGas Shutoff Valve

  • In some cases, the gas meter can be located in a cabinet enclosure built into the building or located inside the building. In these cases, the gas service shutoff valve can be located outside on a section of gas service pipe next to the building, or near the gas meter.
Cabinet MeterCabinet Meter
Cabinet Meter OutsideCabinet Meter Outside

  • If there are multiple meters serving gas to multiple units within a building, there are individual gas service shutoff valves for each unit near each of the gas meters, including a master valve for the entire building where the gas pipe comes out of the ground. Your facilities personnel or your property manager (if you are leasing) might be able to help you locate your unit’s valve location.
Multiple MetersMultiple Meters

If you still are not able to locate the gas service shutoff valve, contact PG&E for assistance to locate the valve.

When to Turn Off Your Gas

Do not shut off the gas unless you smell gas, hear gas escaping, see a broken gas line or if you suspect a gas leak. If you shut off the gas, there may be a considerable delay before PG&E can turn your service on. Once the gas is shut off at the meter, do not try to turn it back on yourself. If the gas service shutoff valve is closed, PG&E or another qualified professional should perform a safety inspection before the gas service is restored and the appliance pilots are lit.

How to Turn Off Your Gas

Gas Service Shutoff ValveGas Service Shutoff Valve

In an emergency, your gas can be turned off at the main gas service shutoff valve normally located near your gas meter. Using a 12 to 15 inch adjustable pipe or crescent-type wrench or other suitable tool, give the valve a quarter turn in either direction; the valve is closed when the tang (the part you put the wrench on) is crosswise to the pipe.

  • Know where your main gas service shutoff valve is located
  • Keep an adjustable pipe or crescent-type wrench available to turn off the gas in case of an emergency
  • Know how to shut off the gas at the gas service shutoff valve
  • Leave it off until service can be restored safely by PG&E or another qualified professional

If your gas service is configured differently from the one described and you wish to know how to turn of your gas, please contact PG&E.

Appliance Gas Shutoff Valve

Appliance Gas Shutoff ValveAppliance Gas Shutoff Valve

Most gas appliances have a gas shutoff valve located near the appliance that lets you turn off the gas to that appliance only. In some cases, turning off the gas at the appliance’s shutoff valve will suffice if there is a gas leak or the appliance needs to be replaced or serviced. You should have an appliance gas shutoff valve installed at each gas appliance that lets you turn off the gas to that appliance only, instead of shutting off all gas at the main gas service shutoff valve. To turn off the gas at the gas appliance, rotate the valve a quarter turn.

  • Know which of your appliances use natural gas
  • Know where the appliance gas shutoff valves are located, and how to turn them off