Rafael LopezRafael Lopez (Español)

International Solutions Plumber

12 Years Experience

Phone: (865) 805-8735

Email: rafaellopez@knoxvilleplumbinginc.com

Rafael has been with Knoxville Plumbing since 2005. He grew up in Mexico. Rafael was the first employee to Robert Keith, the owner. He started plumbing as a young man and has done both new construction and repair service. Rafael’s pride and joy is his wife, Misty.

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  • Hometown: Tecnica Tlaxco
  • High School: Tecnica Tlaxco
  • College: Collegio de bachilleres Tlaxco
  • Certifications: Wirsbo Pex, Rennia Tankless Heaters
  • Favorite aspect of my job: Working with Jay and coworkers
  • Hobbies: Soccer
  • Interesting Facts About me: He makes over a dozen types of flavored fruit water


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